Lost and found again

I've moved. No, really. I've moved. You can find me here: http://riverhouselove.blogspot.com


God, what happened to me? A serious case of blogging writers block. I guess I lost my mojo, but now I'M BAAACK!

July. Was that really the last time I was on here?

So much has happened since July. Life moves by us so quickly. If I remember correctly, we had a very difficult fall. Typically, you can count on September for warm, Indian summer days. Not this year. This lack of fall was promptly followed by a very long and cold winter. Which, incidentally doesn't give any indication of giving up to spring easily. Several feet of frozen heavy snow is beginning to recede from the sunny spots up against the house. I have been spending time looking longingly at others post photos of spring flowers and blooms, and trying not to cry.

While change is the only constant, after nearly 7 years after arriving in the largest state in the union, my family and I are heading back to colorful Colorado. Our bodies are in need of an extreme boost of sunshine and vitamin D. Summers full of dry heat alternating with rocking thunderstorms await us.  (Rocket will hate that part of his new home.) Enough issues and opportunities have aligned, that it is clear, now is the right time to pack it up and move home. Although we have enjoyed our adventure here, this place has never even begun to feel like home. We've managed to meet some wonderful people, renovate 2 great houses and see things we will likely never see again.
It's with great anticipation that we pack it in and head down the AlCan. Stay tuned.