so what is this public diary anyway? seemed like an interesting idea stolen from my ultra creative and talented brother. im not qualifed to write a mind-blowing, witty, engrossing public version of my life. my life just isnt any of those things. at this time we are trying to adjust to a life without close social contacts. so far we arent killing one another, so i guess we are winning.

work is interesting. i think it might be a challenge to practice the way i've been trained. the medical model is alive and well. get 'em in and get 'em out. time is money. preventitive medicine here in ak seems to be fairly non-existant. people come in when they are half-dead but are determined to leave after the appointment cause they are going out moose hunting.

our stuff finally arrives tomorrow. no more air mattress sleeping for us. hellooo pillowtop!

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