seashell cabin

so homer is 275 miles from our home here in the valley. long ride- but for a nice overnite. we stayed at mossy's seaside farm. an idyllic spread overlooking the bay with glaciers across the way, and although no whales this visit, eagles and hawks were plentiful. we stayed here 10 years ago in the same little cabin perched above the beach. hard to believe i was just 26 and jc 31. how does time fly by so fast?

homer is a funky little town and someplace we wouldnt mind living were it not so damn far from everything. i would have to end up with a nice job to make it work out.

we met rich and les and lydia who were in homer for a wedding on saturday. jade and lydia had a nice time playing in the backyard at two sisters bakery and then in the raspberry patch at mossy's. we picked about 4 pounds of the best tasting berries on the planet. time to dig out nana's recipe and attempt the pie! btw, nana would have been 100 years old on 9/16. it was fitting to be picking this perfect little fruit on that day.

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krystanne said...

How about some jam? k