just cant get enough of our (only) friends in the state and one of the most beautiful places, seward. had such a nice time visiting rich, les and lydia in a quick over night. we managed to find some fresh anehiems and roast them on the bbq then whip up a nice batch of green chili. also came bearing one raspberry pie. not quite as good as nanas, but pretty yummy.

today was wood day at the jacoby's. we managed 2 cords in short time. a fall pasttime for sure. now, we just need them to come up here the weekend we get ours delivered, hmmm.....jade even got to ride in the back of a pickup with his pa (dont tell) to the wood pile and back. pretty cool.

rich has put together a perfect, homemade hot tub. everyone should check out "snorkel stoves". this one was purchased on ebay for $125, the galvinized tub at the local hardware stove and the cedar is a found item from an old boat. the wood fired snorkel heats that sucker up real quick. if one is not careful, human soup, lobster style is inevitable.

still croaking..!

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Hilary said...

Hi LB-
I googled your name and Hatcher Pass and found your blog. Very cute! It was really great to be at your house the other night. Thanks so much. It was fun. Hope we can all meet up again soon.