Boredom is lack of imagination

someone, send me some creativity will ya? i am dawdling this time off from work. maybe i will check out the drop in yoga at 6:30. it seems pricey ($14 bucks) but better than wandering around wondering how to get inspired.

anyway, the fam is having a great time in colorado. i wish i could be there seeing ya'll.
holleh, the chopper pics are too cute. had to share. thanks for loving my kid and being such a positive force in his life.


Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Nice picures of Alaska! My husband and I would love to visit up there sometime after I finish school. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I love to hear from other NP's and would love to hear from you more often with stories of your nursing adventures in Alaska!

ozone ranger said...

soooo...does J need a chopper from santa?

lisabeth said...

that would certainly help us out with the hele-skiing around here... send one our way dad!