the great aleutian pumpkin run

so this is what halloween looks like here in palmer. we will be heading to the fair grounds for some indoor trick-or-treating with j-man. he will be uniquely dressed as casper. (he insisted on the mask, what can i say?)

i did hear a very interesting piece on alaska public radio this morning.
apparently, 8 years ago crew of one of the alaksa marine ferries (the 296 foot m/v tustumena, which services the aleutian chain), decided that during the last run of the season, it would be fun to deliver some pumpkins to kids along the aleutian islands. many of these kids had never seen a pumpkin!

what began then as crew collecting money and soliciting safeway for a great pumpkin deal, is now a growing tradition for these kids living in one of the most remote areas of the state. this year, the ship traveled with seven cribs, some 3.5 tons of pumpkins, all donated by the washington lettuce company and shipped to kodiak for loading onto the tustumena by safeway.

apparently, the crew gets into the action full swing, and now decorates part of the cargo hold with skeletons and other spooky stuff while donning wigs and masks as they come into port. this year, with snow flying sideways in dutch harbor at 4:30 in the morning, kids were lined up in costume waiting to climb abord this man made pumpkin patch.

every day i am reminded i am not in colorado anymore. i am residing in the great state of alaska.
happy halloween!

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