people are very friendly here. i wanted to pass this along in case anyone was wondering, "hmmm, how bout those alaskans, wonder if they're a friendly bunch....." now, you may rest assured, that although private, people here are mostly kind. i might add they are somewhat hostile when it comes to tourists- but this just reminds me of growing up in maine where we welcomed the tourists, and then told 'em to go home in the same breath.

i have been doing alot of thinking about connections i have with family and friends as the holidays approach. the mounds of christmas cards covering the kitchen table that i have yet to start, let alone finish, remind me of the physical distance between us and our friends and family. we are spread out across the country from maine, massachusetts, nebraska and colorado and even the UK. lately i feel pretty disconnected from everyone.

its hard to admit that some friendships lose steam over the years, and some connections cannot be maintained. but others evolve into a comfortable flow that bridges the distance of both time and space. these connections are magic, or as close to it as i know. there is a beauty in picking right up where you left off, even with months of quiet in between.

so the northern lights have been showing off recently. last few nights with that big old moon, they havent been around, but last week we got to stand outside in our pjs staring at the sky watching the show. it was pretty impressive.

we have been having a heat wave here. its been down right pleasant in the mid 20's and even the low 30's during our outing yesterday.

jaden got an early christmas gift from his most wonderful auntie in boston. he loves the snowshoes and he's a natural. you rock aunt g!

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