snowy day

here is my 14 year old, loving dog porter. i love his old, geriatric butt alot, even when he smells like a wet dog.

it is 3:30 and snowing fine, steady snowflakes. this is just the 3rd snow we have experienced since being here. we are excited. have i mentioned, it is nearly dark outside right now?

now i will confess, i did an almost comical, unthinkable act. (remember, i am a trained medical professional. i read up on this-- alot.)
i purchaced a therapy light. go ahead. laugh, if you will. you dont live here, you dont know what its like!!!!!!
apparently, if i use it everyday, eventually i will look and feel just like this young lady.
really. ooooooommmmmmm.
(feel the calm.)

its quite a nice little lamp and makes me feel all sunny inside. it will have to do until i get on the plane for mexico.
oh mexico, just 7 weeks? i think i can, i think i can.