snow, more snow!

oodles more snow for southcentral alaska today!

alyeska resort, (we still havent been) is having a record year. the press release on the website (www.alyeska.com) reports that the mountain has received over 283" of snow for the month of december. this breaks the previous record of 274" in january of 2001.

there were blizzard conditions today on moose pass, in seward, girdwood and anchorage.
here in the valley, a mere snow advisory with 10 more inches falling throughout the day. our snow fort is destined for an addition!

shame about having to work, isnt it? all i can think is, "the ski trail needs some maintenance before we lose sight of it!"
and what about people coming to the clinic on a day like today?? why are you out driving around in this mess? to sit in the waiting room and then complain of cold symptoms, i mean come on people, suck it up! do you really need me to review with you that you have a cold?
gosh, sorry about that. i think i just broke a three day old resolution.... i regress.

jc is down in seattle for a meeting, (although slurping a dozen oysters and drinking IPAs certainly doesnt sound like work to me). hopefully he will manage to get back in okay tomorrow evening when most of the anchorage snow will be moped up.

i complained bitterly about the absolute lack of winter in colorado. growing up those formative years in maine left quite an impression on me. i have rekindled my love of skiing through the woods, ice skating, building snow caves, sledding! playing king of the hill, and dressing up in snow clothes for any outdoor activity from november to april.

here, i have found winter nirvana.


Corey Paradise said...

I am so jealous. Maine is having, despite those wonderful blizzards of our youth, another warmest year ever. No sno forts yet. a few black ice car accidents but really, I have scraped my windshield three times this "winter" (and I do use the term loosely) one time really didn't count, I just wanted it to feel like winter. Send some sno juju or post more snowy pics for me to oogle at! And the fort looks great.

AK FNP said...

snow juju is officially been sent. the moon is a waxing gibbous, the perfect time to sell a kidney and hop a flight to anchorage. we need your help on the fort! come and visit. we miss you.