anyone know?

1. why are there different post numbers showing up on archive than is really in an archived month?... this seems to have happened after switching to this beta version of blogger where i have been now for a few months.

2. why cant i post an address within the body of a post, such as www.npr.org and have you, the reader link to it? again, this was possible in earlier posts- see august or september for example. holleh, i tried your advice, it didnt work. ):

3. who are you juneau reader? jeff will be visiting your fair city next week. i notice you stop in frequently. do you have a blog i should be checking out?

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Corey Paradise said...

when composing your blog post, your browser should offer a toolbar of icons such as upload photo and italics, one of the icons is "insert link", have you been able to use it? mozilla seems to play better with blogger than safari or explorer , so it may be that your browser is not showing these tools. good luck. oh yeah, yor package is coming soon, really. love ya,
-lil bro