iditarod madness!!!

(i did not take this picture. it is a stock photo. please do not sue me.)

we are finishing some raspberry pancakes and watching the ceremonial start of the last great race on the mindless box. its a beautiful sunshiny day in anchorage. we are planning to descend on the little town of willow (population 1300) along with approximately 15,000 others to watch the actual start tomorrow.
people are pretty pumped up about this stuff.

the official iditarod website is pretty informative if you care to peek in: www.iditarod.com
there is a nice interactive map which shows the route and tells a bit the mushers, the dogs and about each checkpoint.

i'll post some photos of the real deal tomorrow. until then j and i are handcrafting a sign inspired by his favorite book. "GO, DOG. GO!"

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