day off

it is unadulterated, decadence to sit in front of a chick flick at 9am on your first of many days off. with soy mocha in hand and orlando bloom and kirsten duntz giving you that push/pull of new love. just kiss already!

if you havent seen elizabethtown, i recommend doing so, if only for the amazing soundtrack.
grab your box of kleenex and prepare to laugh out loud while patting tears off your cheeks.

remember the freebird scene? hillarious.
or susan sarandon tap dancing for her sweetie, winning the judgmental crowd over?
-the road map and soundtrack forcing orlando to open his eyes to the world in a new light.
"take 5 minutes and wallow in the sadness". oh, if life were more like the movies!
next time you get a free 2 hours, sit back and watch this one. it may inspire you to make a mixed "tape", or to send your sweetie on a treasure hunt that ends with you.

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