april 5th already.

i have been slacking off on the blog. i guess the weather has been so darn balmy i am not spending so much time on the couch with the computer on my lap keeping me warm.

it seems spring might happen after all here in the great white north. its been getting soggy and dirty with snow melting inch by slow inch. we've actually seen temperatures in the high 30s. a virtual heat wave. today i wore a fleece jacket instead of the puffy coat. and sunshine, oh sunshine. we are now boasting more sunshine than the lower 48 by far. sunrise tomorrow is 7:09 and sunset at 8:55.

we did some sledding up hatchers on tuesday afternoon. the snow was fast and firm, jade and lyd had the most fun climbing up and down the snowbank from the plowed parking lot.
across the way from the sledding spot there is a beautiful, glacial, icy blue waterfall where you could actually hear water gurgling across the valley. remember you can click on these pictures, they get quite big.

j and i are looking at houses here in the area as we soon have to decide whether or not to sign on at our current home for another year. we love this location. its so close to the mountains and has amazing trails out the back yard- but spending money on rent is not appealing for another year. we have found that shopping for real estate here is depressing at best.

we would like to build a little house like this:
or this:
but i have heard that if you dont want a divorce, you should stay away from building cute little wallet busting houses.

summer vacation plans are shaping up with the morris's visiting in july and my dad threatening over memorial day. jaden is all in an uproar and we review daily that its still barely spring and that summer is still many, many, many days away. so we sit and watch the snow melt, dripping off the eves being impatient and waiting for tomorrow.

i have heard the bears are waking up and the newspapers are posting warnings and sightings. i am not bear prepared in the least. maine bears were not scary to me, but alaskan bears....now they freak me out.

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Val said...

I like the house on the right. It needs a garage off the back tho. :)
Hatcher Pass is nice, but that drive... ugh. I would love to live in Sutton or Chickaloon.