ive been tagged

well, it happened. i was tagged by, judy another ak. blogger. check her out! she's living my alternate life and making artwork full-time. someday.....

so, i am supposed to tell 7 "interesting things" about myself and then "tag" seven other bloggers.. im not sure about tagging others, but here are some things about little old me.
  1. i dreamed of moving to alaska for about 20 years and finally made it happen last august.
  2. i attended a different school every year until i was 15, my parents never owned their own home and we lived in maine, california, colorado and new york from the time i was 7 to 11.
  3. i made a mandolin (although i dont know how to play) with a wonderful luthier, michael hornick of shanti guitar fame, the week after my mother died. it is probably my most cherished possession.
  4. i am probably the most anti- organized religion person around but, i am an ordained minister in the universal life church in modesto california. if anyone else would like to become one, i can ordain you (: yes, there is a story here......
  5. i always knew i would adopt a child from foster care and i am incredibly proud to have done so (and would spend time encouraging anyone who has any desire to do so to take a chance on one of these "waiting" kids.)
  6. when i graduated from high school at 17, i moved to boston to attend the art institute . i saw too much grateful dead and dropped out after 2 years. i still hope to illustrate a childrens book someday.
  7. my first job was at the bonanza. i was the salad bar girl and my coworkers called me "little polly purebred"
so since i have been blogging, i have found so many interesting and amazing people out there. my brother was the original push (if he can do it, i can!) along with my friend and neighbor mary up there in the poudre canyon who said "i hope you will keep a journal of this move and all your adventures in up there" (thanks mary!)

i get inspiration from reading blogs by others in healthcare like tundra pa and dinosaur. they are really doing it!fat doc is just plain funny!
soule mama lives in maine and checking in on her makes me feel like i am visiting an old friend. open window is a blog written by a woman who is about to adopt a waiting child from the foster care system (:
alaska cooks always has a great recipes to share and beautiful photos. (he is responsible for the bread recipe i bragged about to all of you friends) laura is also a fellow alaskan and takes great photos of her adventures, as is northerngirl. i also check in on eat man drink water way over there in the hudson valley of new york.

whew, maybe i should get off this machine and do something a little more productive!


Judy V. said...

Thanks for the 7 facts and thanks for playing. I am going to check out your AK blogs they look great.
Have a wonderful spring.

Maggie said...

Thanks for the link! I hope you son is feeling better soon.