so much sunlight, so little summer!
a friend of mine commented recently, "only 8 more weeks of summer left around here". my god, what kind of anxiety provoking comment is that?!

we just jetted off to colorado for a marvelous weekend with 10,000 of our closest friends. red rocks amphitheatre was groovin' with 3 days of widespread panic and 95 degree weather. yowwwouch!! what a blast to see everyone and to hear some real live music.

we also got up to the riverhouse- which is looking amazing thanks to our new tennant, diana- who is loving the heck out of it. what a relief it is to have her there. a girls night happening took place at camp falbo, (many thanks for the hospitality falbos) river flowing past, flowers blooming, and lots of good food and drink (notice the cocktail in every shot.... )
life is good. it was great fun to see everyone. WE MISSED YOU KELLIE!

life in the new pad is slowly getting un packed. we still have one giant wall of windows to figure out which color to paint. its going to require renting scaffolding to get all the way up there so this is probably what is contributing to our indecisiveness. the place is starting to feel like 'alaska home'.

the weather here has been knock out beautiful, although it is a rainy sunday today. we are looking forward to the arrival of the morriss on friday for 10 days. we've got a trip down south to homer and seward planned, i am sure we'll hit the reindeer farm and muskox for the kiddos, (shown here at the denver zoo), conquer bodenberg butte, j wants to climb pioneer or government peak with andy.
we've got some unpacking to do before they get here. this rainy day might help out.

clinic activity has been dominated by allergy and asthma as the birch pollen is at an all time high. overall, we arent seeing the daily numbers we did in the fall and winter. seems people are out busy and having fun under the midnight sun.
now get outside and play!

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