it has been brought to my attention that i missed blogging about a weekend with a dear friend.

over memorial day my friend leslie boarded a plane and came to alaska for a long weekend to see us and to celebrate her (insert any number below 39 here) birthday.

leslie and i have known one other since i was a baby "adult" in my early twenties and where she found herself moving in next door to me in a cabin situated on 4000 privately held acres in one of the most beautiful spots in colorado. she moved into the tiny abode which attached to mine and began unloading a little red truck. (? hmmmm. did you have the truck then??) i helped her move in boxes. as the months went by and i started her fires in the crappy old, oil barrel woodstove and we smoked up the house with all sorts of smells, and we ate ( i cooked) and we hiked, and pretended we were artists, and we became the greatest of friends.over the years we have both experienced relationships that have come and gone, as relationships do. and through all those experiences, our friendship too, has ebbed and flowed. there have been times when we have not been as close to each other as we once were. but it seems now, the tide has turned and we are closer to our old selves and have rekindled our friendship again.
and for this i am grateful.

the birthday celebration consisted of simply visiting, hanging out, drinking tequila, (how much tequila have we consumed these many years?) and seeing a small slice of this wonderful state. we took a boat ride and stayed overnight on fox island and it was peaceful and beautiful. we cruised out to see glaciers which are so amazing, so blue and larger than photos could ever convey. we sighted many whale tales and experienced a little magic when hearing them talk off the back of the boat.
it was a nearly perfect weekend aside from the sea sickness and the fact that it was just too short.

so, heres to a friendship that has survived the ups and downs, coming out the other side right side up.

all photos shown taken by leslie b., altered by me and photoshop.

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Les said...

You, my dear, are a gem that I will cherish until I'm old and gray (oh, I mean older and grayer). Thanks for the beautiful post, it brought tears to my eyes. I will always be eternally grateful for you, your persistent and never letting me get away with my bullshit. Much love. LB & LB always.