happy dance and witches

well hello blog readers,

here i am at work, barely working which is a nice change and break. i am happy to report that my darling (hunky) husband has booked me a weekend in my colorado home town. i am so excited i can barely stand it. happy dance, happy dance!
for some reason as the summer season draws to an end and we can smell winter creeping around the corner, i am feeling that wistful pull to my friends and the familiar comforts of my old home. until now, the excitement of exploring and living in a place i dreamed of for so long has held me over and i havent let myself go there. now it seems, i have.

so, get ready girlfriends for the witches party is back on- details to come from holleh. dig out your brooms (:

here on the alaskan home front, we have dug into our first home improvement project by pulling up a swath of carpet inconveniently placed directly at the front door. we have replaced it with tile. (again, that darling hunky husband of mine). you cant imagine how thrilled this makes me as carpet is just not my thing. especially someone elses used, yucky carpet.

this weekend we will be heading up to denali national park. we are the lucky recipients of a lottery ticket and its a winning one! leslie of seward scored it for me and for this i owe her big (again!) each year the park holds a lottery in which 400 cars are allowed to drive the length of the road for the specified day you hold a ticket for. this is a rare and amazing opportunity to explore the park at your own pace and distance. normally, the park has a no drive policy and all visitors are shuttled in and out by the parks bus system. my cousin nanette called this bus ride a "death march, but worth it", when visiting in august. i dont have the biggest lens on my camera, but am hopeful to catch sight of some wild things.

hope fall is treating everyone well. its coming to a close like a train pulling into the station up here.


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

what day--halloween? will check my work schedule and make the time!!! once a witch always a witch..it'll be cold as a witch's tit when you get here...happy dance ...delta

Judy V. said...

Hello there,
It sounds like your life is full and happy, enjoy your trip on the park road what an awesome time to see everything. Say hi to a bear for me.
Judy Vars

akfnp said...

i sure will judy!!!