days are growing short here at latitude 61 with the sun rising at the lazy hour of 916 and setting at 413. we headed out for a nice ski this afternoon, racing the daylight all the way back to the car.
its been all about settling in for the winter and cheering on the snow the past few weeks. if youre going to live in darkness and cold, let there be something to rejoice in- bring on the snow!

weve had a slight improvement in our social life lately which seems almost like a miracle after being here for 15 months. i havent consulted my horrorscope lately, but the stars must be lined up just right.
jc and i have been lunching, having dinner and even had a night out at a disgustingly smoky bar with a very nice guy from vermont. god, cigarettes are gross. finally the like minded people are crawling out from behind the birch trees and getting to know us a little.

we will be heading down to seward on friday to cheer up r @ l's little house with a fire in the woodstove and a turkey roasting in the oven. our wayward friends have been gone for over 2 months now. we've missed them. they have just reached washington state in their lovely little sailboat and will be returning home in december. we are looking forward to hearing all about the adventure!

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