my carbon footprint

these are some well traveled pears.
they looked so good, i just had to pretend i was a photographer, getting out the tripod and everything.
i dont know anything about photography, but my new motto is "quantity is quality" because if you take enough pictures, one of them is bound to be half decent.

we are now gaining about 2 1/2 minutes of daylight each day which is pretty exciting. it ends up stacking largely on the back side of the day, so the mornings dont seem to be getting any lighter (sunrise at 10:12 now), but by february, we'll be outshining the lower 48.

final preparations are happening for our journey to quintana roo mexico. our travels will take us over 4000 miles. we've packed the snorkels, the suits and the beer cozys. i think we're ready.
its been a long and chilly winter so far without much snow. it makes it hard to get out there and enjoy what winter has to offer. i will report back as to what winter in mexico is like.
i think it will be most excellent.


annie kelleher said...

great blog! i enjoyed reading it a lot... i found you thru judy vars. please visit mine! i love pears :)...

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

beautiful still life , grrl...pears are one of my fave fruits...mehico! weeee....( bring me back another small bottle of mescal? )have a swell time, you three...i'll see you in three short months...delta