lets rondy (again!)

did you know you can now blog in filipino?
crazy shit.
and, yet another person came to this little piece of the web because they searched for "snorkel stove"?? you could make a killing selling those puppies.

we're just sitting back here getting ready to RONDY. (say it like a television announcer, really loud, stretching out the R).
the rondy is the age old tradition of gathering in los anchorage (thanks dave, im stealing your name for that "fair" city) and showing off your dead animals.
dont worry, im not going to get all PETA on you. i'd be shot in a new york minute for spouting off in that direction.

we're planning on meeting up with our seward friends and attending perhaps the outhouse races, the running of the reindeer or maybe we'll get in a little ice bowling at the peanut farm. you can see the schedule of events for yourself here.

seems like we can smell spring far off in the distance drifting in on all that rain and wind. the cold snap is over for now, most of the snow is slush. mother nature gave me the perfect window to drain, scrub and refill our hot tub. what a delightful chore that was yesterday afternoon in 40 degree weather.
we now have lots of daylight now and continue to gain over 5 minutes a day. (sunrise/sunset--8:30-5:56)
at the end of march sunset doesnt occur until after 8:30 pm.

i can feel the mania setting in, and boy, does it feel good.