im trying hard not to simply write about the weather or moose, but both continue to dominate our landscape.
its a blustery dull day and we three are putzing about the house rather happily.

our hot tub is in dire need of having the water changed out. something the current temperature isnt going to allow. upon learning there would be no hot tub sitting yesterday, jade took a bath at high noon.

tomorrow we may go snowmobiling (although this is not an acceptable term here, its snow machining) which we are excited about.

the biggest news here is that jeff is changing jobs. i am both excited and nervous for him. change is always hard, but how do you avoid it?


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, what an incredible photo. Good thing that boy is a ham, eh?


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

So, like, where in AK are you?? The header pic looks like the Chugach so I'm guessing Los Anchorage or possibly the Valley?

Oh, I'm back to updating regularly so anytime you want tropical pics just swing by :)

Oh, have you had your hair freeze in the hot tub in the winter yet? Your hot tub is outside, isn't it?

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

beautiful boy...delta