sun (grin)

sorry about the obscenities.
february has made me a bit feisty. (just like me to blame my mood on a month).
maybe its be the 50 mile an hour wind gusts coupled with the single digit temperatures. (BUT THE SUNSHINE, OH, THE SUNSHINE!!)
maybe i just am feeling my sailor genes and the swearing and obnoxiousness is coming deep down from my d.n.a.
thats possible.
we just had a caucus here in alaska. say it out loud.
caucus. fun, right?

i must say it seems alaska surprised itself with the turnout for the event across the state.
the democrats (thats democrat with a capital D) held a caucus, while the gop (thats short for grand old party with a capital O) held a preferential vote.
the papers were full of statistics supporting the notion that the people of alaska, and the country on the whole and hungry for a change.
anything will be better than the shrub. the dub. the decider.
enough of that.

seems influenza isnt done with us just yet. the next wave has hit the big town of wasilla this week sending children and grownups alike scrambling for tylenol and popsicles.
i am bathing in lysol and my hands are practically bleeding from the 100 or so times i washed them today.

just living life in the cold, snowy, windblown lane. way up here, latitude 61.
peace out.