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hey music fans, be sure and dig out your old-school leftover salmon tapes and listen to some banjo love this march fourth.
it will make you smile, and tap your toes.
i promise.

a little leap year baby sprung into a lovely, giggly, four year old girl and invited us to her par-tay!
and what a party it was!
there were butterflies fluttering about the enormous stacks of snow. the mermaid smiling even as she was being stalked by the bat decorated with the prettiest of ribbons. and the jumping girl was in all her bouncy glory with all her little friends in tow.
the party was delightful smash.


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

the snow is taller than the children, gawd! and no coats even...poor mermaid...delta

Jen said...

While the party looks like a great time, what I REALLY want to know is where can I get one of those bitchin fur jocks for my man?!!!! Were there any cool fur-lined-water-buffalo-style viking hats to go with it?

Anonymous said...