sure sign of spring

this long drawn out process known as spring has begun here in alaska. along with moose poop there is plenty of melting dog crap in the yard. (you can thank me for sparing you a photo of that).
luckily, graham is a creature of habit and goes in the same 10 foot radius most of the time.
the poop-pick-up chore will be my favorite one to delegate to jade once he's old enough to be skillful with a shovel and rake.

we are trying hard to enjoy whats left of winter but find ourselves looking forward the long drawn out days of summer. the amount of daylight now has almost reached 12 hours and we are enjoying sunset somewhere around 8pm.
this place is one of extremes.

our first guests of the season have booked their trip to visit us and explore alaska! we are so excited to have kellie and tony coming to see us. these colorado (our next door) neighbors have talked about visiting us since we left. we're going to do our damnedest to make it worth their while!

our tentative itinerary includes visiting seward to hike out to derby cabin on caines head for an overnight; a glacier tour with captain rich; a rafting trip down six-mile creek; (drinking and) hanging out at the talkeetna moose dropping festival; a train ride to denali to back pack for a few days; a stop at either matanuska or exit glacier, and then the two of them will take a road trip to mccarthy to see a friend from high school.
i think this will keep 'em busy.

all is quiet and status quo here. jeff started his new job and is trying to keep his head above water. the clinic is busy as usual. jade is making birthday party plans- dinosaur themed for sure. are all 4 year old boys so predictable?
we are checking off some spring projects here that need doing.
all in all, contented.

got some new tunes on the i-pod. be sure and check out- old crow medicine show, the zutons and ray lamontagne.
mmmm. nice.

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