six-mile creek

guest post by hubby:

This was an absolutely awesome day of rafting. After not being able to run due to high water for a couple of days or so - we arrived at the put in to a very happy group of NOVA guides. Apparently, when the river gage exceeds 11, commercial trips stop. The morning run had been canceled, but the river dropped just enough to allow an afternoon run.

Nine folks had booked a trip this day - but by the time the rafts launched - four of them bailed, unwilling to do the 75 yard river swim that was our ticket onto the boat. So that left Tony, Kellie and myself with two 18 YO recent high schools grads on a summer trip to AK. The five of us loaded up with our guide Herbie and off we went. The pictures below do no justice - this is a deep, narrow, pushy, freezing cold river and a stunning series of canyons.

After the first two Class III and IV canyons, our two young raft mates opted out leaving the three of us and Herbie to run the final Class V canyon. Big drops, big hydraulics, lots of ping-ponging off the canyon walls. We all were gripped, freezing and really psyched. This is a great run, NOVA was a great outfit to run it with. Running a river like Six Mile Creek with Tony and Kellie, our dear friends from Colorado, at peak water levels - well it just doesn't get any better than that!

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Jen said...

Good thing everyone was already wet... that's the stuff that "pee your pants" crazy was describing!!! I'm very content to experience that from the comfort and safety of my laptop, thanks. That's simply NUTS!!!!