tread lightly

seems alaska bloggers are enjoying almost as much attention as governor palin herself.
most are reporting massive increases in their daily "hits"
- exhale slowly everyone. we've got to pace ourselves till november.

i comforted myself the morning the republicans announced their veep choice by checking out how fellow alaskan bloggers weighed in on the situation.
(thank you folks for saying so eloquently what i think, but cannot convey).

kodiak konfidential wins the prize for expressing his opinion as only he can, and for producing this.
a lovely "photo" of governor palin is now enjoying a far flung trip around the blogosphere.
(no, not my photo of hubby and ms. palin, the one highlighted above) really, its worth a look.

enjoy the ride sarah.

for two more "inside views" of this craziness you can go here, and here.

there are of course some bloggers who are elated at the news that our small town girl is heading to washington. it feels to me as though they are pushing some sort of family duty to vote for the former beauty queen.

i will not conform. i love my country too much.

it will come as no surprise that i voted against sarah palin for governor. but truthfully, i haven't been displeased with what she has done here in her short time in office.
she came in forcefully and stood up to business as usual in this manly 49th state, which was refreshing.
plus, she looks good doing it.

but do you really think this woman is ready to head to washington to play with the big boys, armed simply with a miss wasilla title, two terms on the city council, a bachelors degree in journalism and 20 months under her belt as governor of the least populated state in the nation?

uuuhhhh... id say no.

and governing alaska, well, im not saying i could do it or anything, there is that fact i don't have a political bone in my entire body-but she's the governor of alaska!
when people here leave to "go outside" they'll tell ya, they are "heading down to the states".

i've stopped correcting them.
its futile.

we don't even think of ourselves as being in the same country as you.
we do everything differently here.
this is simply not going to work.

isn't a veep supposed to be able to run the free world in the event the president keels over?
and maybe know a little something about diplomacy, and peace brokering, or running a war or two?
i mean, i like moose burgers, and snow machining, and that soft porn librarian look just as much as everyone else.

i dunno. maybe im being a little dramatic.
the choice has clearly left me scratching my head.

ive got just 3 words for ya governor-

come on home.


Judy Vars said...

Is that your hubby standing next to Sarah or Sarahs hubby? WoW Alaska men are sure something aren't they.

Val said...

Remember me? I used to read you on Molly's blog and visited here often in the past.

I'm glad to know you realize Palin is not qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America!

What the hell is the matter with people? This is nuts.

Good thing is, I've lost 5 pounds worrying about my rights and my country should Palin win.

I saw you at the State Fair. I was going to introduce myself and say 'Hi', but you and your husband were walking really fast. Do you guys always walk that fast? :) Your son has grown a lot.

P.S. FYI: Palin didn't win Miss Alaska. She was Miss Wasilla.

akfnp said...

hi val!!
you should have said hi! i saw judy v. there (her blog is cabinfever, linked on my sidebar) and its always fun to meet people i only know from cyberspace. (:
i will change to miss ak to miss wasilla. thats even better. ugggh. thanks for checking in. there are healthier diets you know (:
ps- we may have been heading to see ralph stanley when you saw us power walking at the fair, we were running late. and yup, thats my liberal, democrat hubby w/ ms. palin. long story...
cheers- L.B.

Val said...

Oh good. You remember me. :)

I remember when you posted the pic of your husband and SP before the governors election. I think I even posted under that entry.

I'm glad to know you're doing well and I will come back to visit often.

Take care!