we made it home after a grueling day of travel.
its truly amazing how far we live from everywhere.

we had an absolute blast seeing everyone, and it was very hard to leave.
but, here we are.

we returned to a cold and blustery alaska, 24 degrees according to the car.
thank god for butt warmers in the old subaru.

the banner up above with the pretty yellow leaves needs to be changed to reflect how things really look here, but i just cant bear to do it.
there is no longer a single leaf left, and the talkeetna range is completely covered now.
winter has, for the most part arrived.

so here are the remaining shots of our journey.
i'd like to say "hello! and thank you!" to everyone we were lucky enough to see, we love and miss all of you!

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Karen Travels said...

Beautiful pics!! I am running soooo late this morning, but I will back to look at more when I get home tonight!

Yes, I love this snow...for now!