skinny skis

we spent sunday skiing out in the moose range.
im here to report that my boy has made a skiing breakthrough, and i've never been so proud.
some might say;
first tooth -GREAT!
crawling- AMAZING!
first steps- A TRIUMPH!

but kicking and gliding through the trees listening only to our breath and the quiet of the frozen world around us, well to me, this was truly PRICELESS!
and it made me feel chest puffed, lump in throat, proud.

we first strapped skis on jade when he was toddling around the living room.
this year marks his third ski season.
he'll no doubt be tearing it up on alpine skis this year, although the mountain and lifts are not yet open. at the end of the year last season, he was barreling down the slopes at alyeska, terrifying me, and thrilling his dad.

by my account, skinny skis are more difficult to navigate, and getting up after falling down can require the dexterity and acrobatics of a circus performer.

last year jade went from the phase one strap-on skis, to a real pair of kids madshus nordic skis. our final outing in the snow last spring with these new skis resulted in tears and frustration, so we were understandably tentative heading out yesterday.

but something wonderful clicked in jaden's body and mind, and he joyfully and happily kicked and glided his way through the woods for nearly 2 hours.

the light is low and flat this time of year, although the sun peeked through the trees on the way back to the car.
here are some shots from our day.


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

kick glide kick glide fall get up not cry yeah! --delta

Mary Montanye said...

Hey guys, we miss you today. We remember the year we all had thanksgiving at your house. What a holiday THAT was. We had a few flurries of snow today. George and I spent a good part of the morning in the treehouse. But we miss you!!!!!

Jaden is getting so big!

Love you guys,

Mary and George

Judy Vars said...

Priceless indeed your little man is a treasure.
Happy Holidays to you!