the longest night

we've just spent a glorious weekend of playing, while catching the most amazing, albeit short-lived, light of the year.
we spent the weekend in girdwood because jeff had his company chrismas party there.
i'll spare you the details, but it involved an open bar and polka music.
we also got to ski, and this was the view at the top of alyeska during the shortest day.
not bad, eh?
looking down over the clouds, and then skiing into them was beautiful.
here's a little solstice light shining down on the top of chair 6.
and this, was the amazing sunset over turnagain arm at approximately 3:41 pmit is an unaltered, straight out of the camera shot.
click on it to appreciate how amazing the clouds are and check out and ice floating below.and this, is what a five year old who has put up with socializing parents, hotel room sleeping, a heated indoor pool, and 2 days of skiing one of the most amazing mountains in the USA looks like on the ride home.

happy solstice everyone!


gail said...

What a beautiful sunset! (what a beautiful 5 year old!)

Karen Travels said...

I was on the Seward Highway yesterday. But before 3:00, I was home by sunset - what great pics. It is funny - I took pictures of the top of the mountains from down below, and you were up there (kinda) taking them from the top!

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

happy solstice, my dear...much love to tu la familia...keep up the creative visualization for your swift return HOME on the poudre...fa la la la la, la la la...delta

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss you guys! Thanks for the beautiful pics. Enjoy your time in Alaska ... what a beautiful state ... and what a handsome boy ... but hurry home! Mary and George

Les said...

It was Turnagin, not Talketeen (sp?) that I was thinking of last night. Just needed a visual reminder.


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