so today i finally got up the guts to stop in at this old farm house that i pass by every single day. the surrounding land has those famous mat-su farming fields and amazing views of pioneer peak, and also these 3 old rusted-out trucks parked out front.
i knocked on the door and asked if i might take some pictures.

the nice man said yes.


jen said...

Glad he didn't decide to shoot you after all... and you got some really nice shots to boot!

Karen Travels said...

YAY!!! YOU DID IT, I saw those trucks when I drove by 2 weeks ago. Great shots, I love old trucks.

When is our next photo shoot?! Time if flying by, it feels like I will be leaving soon!

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

love the flat tire one...such colors! keep 'em coming! --d

alittlebitofscrap said...

Love the colors and you did a great job! I would have been shy. Good for you :) and it was worth it!