weekend fun

we had company this weekend, our lovely friends from seward came to visit. (minus rich- we missed you rich!)

we were invited with them to a picnic on a beautiful farm here in the valley. we also attended this event 2 summers ago in the pouring rain. although it was overcast, the skies held out for the event this year.

it was lots of fun and the kids had an especially good time.

the farm is home to 35 llamas.
they are strange creatures....
this one looks like she's sucking on a lemon drop.. or maybe she just got goosed...

we had a nice hike up near the mine.
i never tire of that place.
signing off for the weekend.
we have a new governor. good luck sean. your gonna need it for the mess you've been left.
sarah, cant wait to see which gig you take.
faux news, perhaps? we'll see how long "ive got no plans" lasts.

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Karen Travels said...

Hey LB!!! I love your pictures! And i enjoyed the Arctic Thriller as well. Are you in Anchorage yet.

I feel so right being back on the east coast! I don't miss Alaska yet, at all!