august arrives

the dog days of summer are upon us here.
this term, used by the greeks as well as the ancient romans generally refers to the hottest, most sultry days of summer.
but as is the case here, it can also refer to days which are stagnant, and marked by dull lack of progress.

this is the way it feels to me in our world right now.

we are not quite in limbo, but in an uneasy state of "what will become".
we are still waiting for a buyer to come and love our house so that we may move forward.
i am still waiting to apply for a position on the palliative care team- a position which has been created and is now tied up in corporate bureaucracy.
these two significant things make thinking of enrolling jade in first grade, almost impossible.

but, like the wheel of this 1953 grader parked in the alaskan woods, we will move forward.

with all this circling around our heads, it has been slightly difficult to live in the moment and enjoy the now.

but this weekend we gave it a real good try.

you can feel fall in the air here.

the lily pads have lost their lustre, and are browned and tired around the edges.
the fireweed blossoms have reached the top of their tall stalks and lure has it that 6 weeks now we are likely to see our first snow.
socks are no longer an option after dark- and it is beginning to be a wee tiny bit dark now.
around 2 or 3 am, but dark none-the-less.

we spent an overnite with aaron and michelle at their cabin, which is a quiet and peaceful place. they have a new, itsy-bitsy, teeny, weeny puppy named razzi.
jade was smitten.
rocky thought she looked delicious.

my batteries are recharged.
monday here i come.