jinx? i think not.

over the past many months ive been working on putting out there to the universe what it is we need to move forward with our lives, and after lots of patience and biding our time, we just might have a live one.

we've got another potential home buyer, with a verbal offer.
they'll be coming back this saturday for another look.
i smell chocolate chip cookies in my future.

i feel very good about this one.
they really, really liked the house, the space, the beautiful yard and the trees. oh, and the hubby of the said party loves the kitchen, especially the stove--quirky? maybe, but i care not.

i pushed hard for that stove.

jeff wanted to go for the run of the mill 4 burner stove, but i wouldn't have it, and it might just be the deal clincher.

- well, maybe that's taking it a little far, but if i want to engage in a little magical thinking, whats the big deal? speaking of magical thinking.....

meet st. joseph: given to me by my co-worker. he is now buried head down in the flower garden. the poor soul is petitioned by many conservative catholics as one who grants an easy death, (interesting coincidence in my line of work? i do not think so.)
but in the wider world of catholic folk-magic, he is the patron saint of real estate matters and home sales.

the reason given for this belief is that he was a carpenter who taught his step-son jesus the carpentering trade, and he always made sure jesus had a roof over his head.
(after the manger debacle and all...)

so do a little dance, say a little prayer, throw some salt over your left shoulder, break a chicken wishbone with us in mind, or just wish us luck.

this might be our springboard to los anchorage before the snow hits.


Karen Travels said...

I will be sending positive home buying vibes your way!!

Leslie said...

As my sister would say: "poo, poo, poo". Let it be so.

laura said...

Finger and toes crossed!

pirate grrl said...

lol, step-son...every spring, right after planting the seeds and starts in the garden i say "grow grow grow"...sell sell sell!

RunninL8 said...

"Step-son, Jesus" ~snicker!