seven years ago today a baby boy was born.
he came 6 weeks early, which for him, was a good thing.
his tiny self was cared for by an amazing group of intensive care nurses and physicians.
he didn't have the instinct to suckle on a nipple and had an uncomfortable tube down his nose for feedings, but it didn't seem to phase him one bit.

the day i met him, he was nearly 3 weeks old.
his court appointed lawyer and i where the only two authorized to see him.
i spent hours in a rocking chair holding him, marveling at the tiny size of his fingers and nose.
he looked at me with big brown eyes as if none of this phased him.
none of the worry or bustle of the intensive care unit, no part of the the ride to denver in an ambulance to children's hospital for tests and care and back again, seemed to matter.
he is a child who was born with the ability to take things as they come without worry or hesitation.
he is a beautiful child.
he is handsome and lean.
and brown and funny.
and he loves his family and his friends and isn't afraid to show it.

his birth mother and i communicate frequently.
this makes some people uneasy.

it makes me swell with happiness and hope.
she has made incredible changes in her life and they seem to be sticking.
i am hopeful and grateful for her.
i want her to succeed and be part of our lives, because without her, our family would be very different.

someday jade will want to know more about her but for now, he seems very satisfied to know that he is loved by many of us.


Karen Travels said...

Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Jade!!

Leslie said...

You and Jeff are so lucky that Jaden chose you, and he is so lucky to have you both too! Happy 7 big guy!

laura said...

Beautiful post!

Holley said...

OK now I'm crying...what a lovely read. And I feel pretty lucky about it all, too.

Much love,
Aunt Hol