so. the weekend found us and what were we to do, but hit the road?
really. we had no choice.

a trek to mccarthy/kennecott has been on the must-do for a while.
we crossed it off the list this weekend!

in summary:
640 miles
approximately 60 of them washboarded-
endless stream of campers
funny looking black spruce
one moose
one lynx butt!
tons of mtn bikers
18 hours of sun/clouds and little precipitation
fireworks in the half light
abondoned mine with palpable history
first episode of car sickness for the boy who then proclaimed; "I FEEL BETTER NOW THAT I PUKED!"
endless peanut butter and jelly
3 happy dogs
great company
amazing camp pad
westy did not break down, instead ran like a champ and asked for more

in brief- mccarthy is located at the end of the road system.
the infamous road itself is a 59 mile stretch between the copper river and the kennecott river.
this, in plainest terms, makes it downright weird.

its an isolated place surrounded by beauty, where the majority of folks are most certainly looking for something main stream america cannot provide.
i saw more "dont tread on me" flags here on 7/4 than ive seen in one place, my entire life.

take 'em seriously.

and for god's sake, when you pass the spot on the road where there are fresh pies for sale, stop and get yourself one.

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Karen Travels said...

Your pictures are sooooo beautiful! I never got to that mine...but I do think the roads from Valdez back to the Mat-Su valley are so very amazing.