please stand by

i am experiencing technical difficulties.
technically, its summer.
in reality, we've had 10 plus days of dreary rain with temperatures in the low 50's.
any semblance of a tan is long gone. my healthy glow is green.

i know it seems like all i do is jump a plane every chance i get... and well.... i do.
i have no fancy pictures to share as photographing in the rain is not my strong suit.

so please stay tuned as i am heading east to the homeland.
im heading home with the boy to eat blueberries and look for sal. to cook lobster and find the worlds most delectable whoopie pie. to relax with the baby brother and his girl in his world. to play in the barn and on the lake and to listen for loons and to see the atlantic and remember it smells different than the pacific. i am going to be patient with the grandpas and their grandmas and to somehow soak in the love of my gone-so-long mother and her beautiful mother before her, in the northwoods they both called home.

heres a little something to enjoy in the mean time.

see you soon.

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Karen Travels said...

Have fun on the east side!! will you be any where near NYC? I will be there Aug 6 to the 12.

Big Love.