real life

so, here i am back in real life, smelling autumn and catching glimpses of winter in my rear-view.

and while i'm rooting for a long played-out fall, it doesnt really happen that way around here.

in order to mentally prepare myself for subjecting my body and soul to another 8 months of alaskan  winter (no, i do not exagerate... winter is like 8 freaking months long- trust me)
ive been putting lots of effort into figuring out what i can do (besides the obvious eat, sleep and drink) to get through it.

im fresh out of vacation time (and money), so we've got no winter holiday in the sun planned so far. this makes me a wee bit nervous.
im hoping the old fairy god mother will come out of retirement and grant me some wishes... but,
i probably shouldnt hold my breath on that one.

thus far, ive signed up for a fantastic looking printmaking class at the anchorage museum of art. 
in preparation, ive started playing around with some photos that ive taken on picnik while trying to find an appropriate design to transfer onto an art print.

this is what ive come up with so far.
i rather like the looks of them.
hubby's eval however: "not so much."

everyone's a fucking critic.


Karen Travels said...

I really like the fourth one especially. You can come stay with me ANYTIME for FREE. Of course, you would have to get here...but I can show you fall in the NC mountains!!

Views from Malmesbury said...

I agreee with Karen Travels - the 4th one gets my vote