holding on

well here we are, october 31st and holding on to fall as tightly as we can.
this is the first halloween in alaska that we've spent with no snow on the ground.
although it was a chilly 31 degrees, there was no tromping through snow to get the goods.

we haven't lived in a neighborhood in years.
i worked the door while jeff and jade hit the streets.
obi wan kenobi made out like a bandit. the parent tax will go largely unnoticed i believe as i've already mined the bag for my favorites this evening when he wasn't looking and he is still smiling as he peers into the bag.

life is good.
termination dust has turned into snow capped peaks, daylight is fading and yet i have not sunk into the depths of depression. im ahead of the game this year and feeling good.
have a wonderful week.


Mary said...

I'm pretty sure all of the snow you're looking for is at my house. Let me know if you'd like to borrow some - I'm generous in that way :)

Karen Travels said...

So glad to hear winter is hitting yet!!! Miss you, might visit next summer!!

Leslie said...

Oh, and those cute little boots! Glad they're getting some wear. xoxo