i have completely run out of blogging steam.
i guess thats why i have that blogging without obligation thinggy over there on the side.
it does make me a bit sad though- all these undocumented weeks.

winter has settled itself over the anchorage bowl. the streets and sidewalks are now coated with a fine layer of treacherous ice.
the snow that arrived just after halloween will last until late april. and believe me, by then, its real dirty and gross.
mother ungulate and her teen were spotted just across the street from here when i returned home today. not a perfect moose habitat, but the promise of frozen jack-o-lanterns was just too sweet, i suppose.

my art class is almost over and its been great. i have yet to actually see the warhol exhibit from which is was inspired, but we now have our prints hanging outside the classroom.
"i showed at the anchorage museum you know, with the warhol exhibit"

i plan on doing a tutorial for "poor womans lithography with a pasta machine" (i know, it makes you curious, doesnt it?) but im waiting for etching ink to arrive because no one in this town sells it. (what, me, bitter?)
the idea of taking my photographs and printing them on watercolor paper is very appealing. the few that i did in class made me smile.

we have many weeks of falling darkness now- the bright spot is making it to solstice, and hey, thats only about 6 weeks away! i think i can, i think i can....

we have a wonderful handful of friends here finally and a couple we enjoy hanging out with very much just had their first child today.
happy birthday baby cardinal! welcome to this big old mixed up world.
its been a very long time since anyone in my life had a baby. i am so looking forward to some gentle cuddle time.

work rocks.
there has been a lot of attention in the media lately about palliative care. my dream is that someday this will be a normal part of the health care continuum. we've got a long way to go,  but at least people are talking.
thats it for now.
i'm gonna throw another dog or cat on the bed and snuggle up.

anyone reading anything good?
i have been plowing my way through "the dirty life"
its wonderful!

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Karen Whittal said...

I love Jodi Picolt's books, always have a twist to the tale, at the moment I am reading "He Came to Set the Captives Free" Dr Rebecca Brown...... strange avoid at all costs.