slacker n: one who shirks responsibility.
im a slacker.
i have not been motivated to blog and i really can come up with no good excuse.
well, except for life.

and the fact that this blog was started long ago to show off photos of the greatland.

i finished the photo class with carl, but havent really been out and about with the camera much. ~except for the catching this amazing northern lights show recently.
i had some newly learned tips from the class which enabled me to take a few decent photos.
the priceless part was pulling my sleeping child out of bed and loading him into the warmed van and driving out the earthquake park to see them. the city lights were too bright and the 10 minute drive toward the inlet was worth it. it was an informal party out there. people in their cars watching the show.
in the nearly 5 years we've been here, this is just the 3rd time seeing them and definitely the best.

in other news, the weather has been slowly warming. we have had nighttime temps in the teens to twentys and daytime temps exceeding 30. this has led to some nice melting and exposed pavement for the first time in months.
i spied some grass in south facing lawns today. its an absolute wonder to see vegitation after 5 months of frozen landscape.

my baby bro and his girl are heading up for a visit all the way from maine on tuesday. they will spend a week, meeting alaska in the late winter. 12 hours of daylight already, i think they will be nearly manic when they leave.

i am so very excited to see them!

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ozone ranger said...

thanks for the outstanding pics of A.B....I hope you all enjoy your visit to the max hugs and kisses to all; the puppy is puppying all over the house and is a ball of high energy and fun. as soon as I get WIN 7 installed and my pic uploading skills on board I'll put pics up.