Sweet Colorado and dear friends

 Is there anything like that Colorado skyline?
 Hot sunshine and bluegrass music makes Mama happy

 Tres Amigas cooling off in the St. Vrain
Return to Anchortown in the nick of time for the first day of THIRD grade
Suddenly, fall colors abound 
 with mossy undergrowth
 And camping spots to be found
 Six mile hearts 
 and photographed shacks
 and Alaskan sized SHROOMS!
 Coral mushrooms?
 Beautiful fanned, oyster shrooms too
 The Gull rock trail outside of Hope
 Six mile camping spot
 Morning view

It aint over yet. 
September typically ROCKS in AK. 


Leslie said...

Yay!!! New blog, new pictures!! Love it after the hiatus. Thanks for letting me know they're up! And, check your email. xoxo

Karen Travels said...

Love these pictures!!!

Kirsten said...

Your photos are beautiful! Can I ask where you took the picture of the run down shack? I would love to hike there!