Got Snow?

We seem to have a surplus of the white stuff. Unfortunately, we have had record breaking cold to accompany it, making it difficult to play in it for extended periods of time. 
Average January temp for the Anchorage bowl: 2.7 frigid degrees. 


We are a hearty bunch however, so did manage to have some fun in Girdwood this weekend. Below is our borrowed abode. What a charming and lovely place to inhabit for a weekend.

 The view of the Mt. Alyeska from the cabin.
 Street view. Night shot.
 Tired and happy kids sitting in the snow cave. Each had their own "room" connected by a tunnel.

 Incredible light during a nordic ski.

Can you see the street sign in this photo? This beautiful chalet is not a small home and is a full two stories high.


Views from Malmesbury said...

What are the list sources in the second photo? Whatever they are they make for a wonderful picture but I'm curious.

akfnp said...

Tea light candles~ 3 of them. One in each "room" and one inside in the "hallway". The kids LOVED this!

Cathy said...
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