Here we are.
Thought I'd disappeared, right?
Well, in a way, I have. Work has been all consuming. Sucking every last bit of energy, compassion and creativity from me.
I am hopeful for respite soon.

Today was a sparkling blue, sunny day. After returning from the hospital I grabbed my camera and headed out to Point Woronzof to check out the ice flows. Its not warm, but the sun sure felt amazing.

We are really still in the grips of winter here.
While the rest of the country is bragging about seeing the beginnings of flowers and tree buds, we are shoveling 3 feet of snow and ice off the roof.
Mud season will be epic.

The last two pics are from Rondy weekend which celebrates the start of the Iditarod. Currently these dogs are half way between here and Nome now, running an amazing race. You can follow that circus here.

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