the inspiration for one of my all time favorite shows "northern exposure" was supposedly, talkeetna. we didnt go to find the real shelly tambo or holling or find chris waxing eloquent about love or religion, but to see the great mountain. we were lucky enough to see it in all its glory. only wish we had the cash to get in one of those little planes and fly up close for a look. denali is the peak on the far right, (20,000ft) in the middle is mt. hunter and on the left is mt. foraker. they are known as "the mother", "the child" and the "high one".

jeff is having his "i wish i had done the small town thing" and fantasizing about living there. he'll have to keep fantasizing. its really, really small!

we were supposed to find a camping spot, set up the tent and camp, but decided to just make the hour and 1/2 trip back home. the current temp here in palmer at 10:35 a.m. is a chilly 26 degrees. i am happy with my choice. we can blame it on jade, he has a cough... (its not us, we would have done it man!)

the small airstrip in town is right in town. the short time we were there, someone was practicing landings and takeoffs right over our heads. talkeetna is a cute, quirky little place that is mostly closed up for the winter. there are dogs running lose and people walking their dogs via the 4 wheeler. i saw a hairy man pull up to the liquor store on his rig, complete with shotgun, grab his beer and puttputt away.

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ozone ranger said...

i guess it will only be a matter of time be4 i join the ranks of bloggers...in the meantime, in one of your pics on oct 15 there is a pic of someone holding a shoe. are they gellin or is that their stash?
the pics of Denali and talkeetna r great...overall the blogthing is mucho entertainin' and informative...love to all!!