seems like i've been slacking on posts of interest lately. work has been good, getting into the groove of things. the hours are a little hard on all of us, working till 9pm is definately a change but its nice getting the hours in over just a few days.

speaking of days, they are getting shorter all the time. funny that the sun doesnt rise until after 8:30am. jade says, 'the sun is being lazy mommie?' he aint seen nothing yet.

i've been gearing up to become a creative and successful artist while living here in alaska. (come on gals! send inspiration this way!) i've been checking out other people's blogs and never knew there where so many fantastic sites related to crafty, artistic mamas out there. here are a few to check out: www.rosylittlethings.typepad.com www.greenkitchen.com/blog www.loobylu.com

we are heading north for the weekend. this is a change from our usual southern escape to the coast. we wont be making it all the way to fairbanks as planned, but heading instead to talkeetna which is about 100 miles from denali. this amazing mountain stands at 20,320 feet at the south peak. the north peak is slightly lower at 19,470 feet. together, these peaks are known as the churchill peaks.

denali is an athabascan indian name meaning "the high one" and this is the name recognized as the proper name by the state of alaska's geographic names board- for north america's highest mountain-- it's also called mount mckinley.

the view of denali, if its a clear day, is supposed to be amazing from talkeetna. the forecast calls for sunny skies (unheard of here. not partly sunny, but sunny!) -but highs in the 40's. we are loading the dogs and our camping gear and going to howl at the moon before the snow flies.

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