palmer transfer

this old rotting ford was found on a trek thru the woods while looking at some land for sale. (dont panic friends, we always look, we will come back someday.)

today i have the house to myself and a toasty fire in the woodstove.
7 hours, 47 minutes of daylight now. the cats are refusing to go outside and the dogs leave the deck only for the few moments it takes for them to do their business.

how about those elections, eh? maybe if rummy had resigned months ago the GOP wouldnt have lost so many seats.
i am proud of you colorado, going purple and all.
its about time.

i am now off from work for several days. i must say.... yippeee! i saw nothing too exciting at the clinic the last few days. a buckle fracture- casted, a cyst drained. pretty boring, and mostly full of impatient patients with colds wanting antibiotics.

"the average person gets about 6-8 viral illness per year. viruses are hard to deal with, because as you know, antibiotics target bacteria. the only thing we can do when you are ill with a virus is symptom management."
"the life of a typical viral illness is 10-14 days. if you think you are getting worse instead of better at that 10 day mark, let me know. otherwise, here are some things you can do to make your symptoms more manageable."

lather, rinse, repeat.

j is in anchorage at the alaska miners convention. does this sound exciting or what?? staying at the sheridan and doing lots of hobnobbing. hope he makes some good contacts.

waiting for the snow to fall
to cover us all.


Anonymous said...

oh boy lb, you're getting solicited now...i think there is a feature to block these guys...read all the back log and caught up w/you guys. o.k. it's time to do a book swap or a doll swap or do artist trading cards (google that atc's) or sompin'...i feel for your dark days pain... well, you do know marilyn manson musgrave won AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! angie pacchione took larimer county but weld and others voted the evil bitch in. so glad you got the package o'love...

Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog when i was looking up my old family trucking business "Palmer Transfer." Where did you find that truck? Scranton area? My email is bpalm1@msn.com. Thanks.