celebrity spotting

it is 11 degrees here today and we are looking at blue sky and sunshine. it seems that in the winter, things clear up and cool down. the sun offers a half-hearted attempt at warming things up by hanging very low.

so, an apology to all those of you who get here by mistake.
the blog meter is an interesting and surprising tool. i now know that there are people who get here because they do a search for something like "northern lights" (we havent seen them yet, so i will spare you the blow-by-blow description of this awesome spectacle) or for "snorkel stove" (to the the person in minnesota looking for snorkel stoves, i hope you found the picure of the toasty hot tub but more importantly, the tip that the stove was purchaced on craigs list in anchorge) .

to all of you who get here because you know us and are indulging me by wanting to know how we are surviving this beautiful and chilly place, thank you.

post a comment and let me know you are reading.

jeff had a very successful time at the alaska miners association meeting and even got to meet a celebrity of sorts. our newly elected, republican governor, sarah palin. he even managed a photo op by telling governor palin, "my wife would be thrilled if i could get a photo with you".

right-o, thrilled indeed... (:

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