thanksgiving approaches.
what do you have to be thankful for? i think lots.

the clinic has been busy the past week or so. diagnoses have been the ususual run-of-the-mill variety with a few uncontrolled hypertensions and abdominal pains thrown in for fun. thank god regis made me buy that pda.

we have been staying warm here in our abode as daylight diminshes to about 7 hours.
note the nice woodpile?

we havent really noticed too much difference in daylight yet, although as i have mentioned before the light is low and flat, beautiful. in a month we will start to reverse and gain light (my cup is half full!)
obviously, i am in denial about the shortest day which boasts just 5 hours 26 minutes of daylight.

we are heading to anchorage for turkey day and looking forward to seeing rich and leslie and especially that little lydia.

who wants to hikau?

daylight fades so fast
pink light and only lunch time
bedtime comes early

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ozone ranger said...

hoping T-day/B-day was all you hoped for...so wonderful to hear you and the J man...soon the days will begin to get longer and we enter another yearly cycle.
YOU ARE AN ARTIST and so much more---those other things are fringe benefits to distract you while your creative process goes on beneath it all.
was looking at stained glass lamps the other day and thinking of your work layed out in the basement of you and Jeff's first home....
seize the moment!!!