christmas past

as quickly as it came, it is now gone for another year.
christmas with a three year old is fun. the enthusiasm of tearing apart packages with unbridled fervor and the pure honesty of how un-thrilling new long underware is is refreshing.

this is what the sunrise looked like at 10:15 on christmas morning here...

and this is what sunset looked like at 3:43 pm.

and this is what it looked like after we got jade to bed (:

we are getting more snow today... hoooray! we must have at least a foot and a half now and its not going anywhere with temperatures hovering in the teens. it looks like we've picked up 4 or 5 inches yet today and the sky is gray and heavy. jeff and i got new cross country skis from santa and the skiing right from the house is wonderful. (its also a painful reminder of just how out of shape i really am- i am so stiff today!)

i hope everyone had a great holiday with family and friends!

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