happy new year

here i am contemplating the final hours of 2006. it was a year of significant change for my family and i.

the beginning of the year was a full sprint to the finish line of that master's degree. it was all consuming and what sprint it was. the culmination of all that hard work paid off and graduation day last may was sweet.
our decision to up and move a mere 3500 miles from home entailed getting the dozens of put off homeowners projects done. including finishing the office space, doing some significant yard work and finding the perfect someone to rent our lovely riverhouse. then, there was the decision to part with and then ready the cabin for sale. (weekends upon weekends spent with the help of grant, delta, sheila and jeff. we couldnt have done it without all of you!)

preparing our friends for our move was probably the biggest challenge of 2006. convincing them it wasnt forever, that change is good, and that meeting new people would be fun. it was not an easy sell.

so here i sit. any regrets?
i have been thinking this over the past few days and i can honestly answer, no.
to have regret means to be very sorry for; or sorrow caused by something beyond one's power to remedy.
although it has been hard being away from the comfortable routine and buzzing colorado social life we had going, we are happy.

so as we usher in 2007 here are my wishes-

please, may we have more peace in the world and more compassion for our fellow man, no matter the color of his skin or the god he worships.
may i have the power to think a little longer before speaking, and to hold my opinions to myself just a little more often.
may i find a way to tap into my creative self
and to love more
and to complain less.

happy new year everyone!

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